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This blog exists to review and discuss fictional works about or pertaining to Anne Boleyn. I’ll be covering one book a week until the books run out or I die of old age, whichever comes first.

While I’m very interested in Anne and her time period, I am not a historian; please feel free to let me know about any mistakes or misconceptions in what I’ve written about her or her milieu. Obviously this only applies when I’m discussing the real Anne Boleyn. Don’t blame me for what the fictional ones get up to!

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  1. Could look at Anne the Rose of Hever by M Peters and the Queen’s Confession by Philip Lindsay.

    • sonetka permalink

      I’ve got the former and am chasing after the latter! I’m not sure when I’ll post about them but it will happen.

  2. Also you could look at The Heart of a King by Philip Lindsay ( I think he said he had to present Henry’s side, after doing Anne!), the Twilight of a King by Ursula Bloom and Margaret George’s Autobiography of Henry Viii. All of these cover all the wives but are great fun! I think Bloom wrote as Lozania Prole – her books are real purple prose. Then there is Sow the Tempest by J Lane. I will think of some more.

    • sonetka permalink

      Thanks, I hadn’t heard of “The Heart of a King” but will look for it; I have read Margaret George’s book and it will be interesting to see someone else’s take on the “How would Henry tell his own story” question. I have “Sow The Tempest” on order and am hoping to get “Reap The Storm” soon (two different authors, but the titles certainly go together!) One book I can’t find for sale anywhere is “I, Anne Boleyn,” by Victoria Allen; I can’t find even a single library on the North American continent which has it. I doubt it’s a lost masterpiece but I’d really like to dig it up one of these days.

  3. I, Anne Boleyn is in a few libraries in the UK so it definitely exists! It would also be good to do Anne through Thomas Wyatt’s eyes eg Dearheart, How Like You This and the trilogy of books on Anne and Wyatt by Philippa Wiat (Wyatt is naturally the father of Princess Elizabeth). There is also the trilogy by Linda Dawn Reeve on Anne which are: The Early Years, The Royal Suitor and Condemned. Maureen Peters has another stab at Anne with Incredible, Fierce Desire (what would we do without Wyatt?!)

    Then there is The Witchgirl by Dilys Gator and All or Nothing by J Dessau. In Elizabeth Fitton of Gawsworth Hall, Brereton is the father of Princess Elizabeth(Anne gets obviously gets around a bit!). L Adams Beck and Reginald Drew and Vercors also may be of interest.

    Also worth looking at Evil’s Own Trinity- Henry shacks up with a witch who then destroys Anne, great stuff!

    Let me know if you need any more suggestions but I think you have enough to keep you busy!

  4. sonetka permalink

    Good lord, I think that’s enough to keep me going for the next three years! I know of some but not all of these, so thank you very much! Interesting to see that Brereton gets something to do in at least one of them, too bad it couldn’t be anything he *actually* did :). (To be fair, the “Brereton as judicial murderer hoist by his own petard” hypothesis gets a whirl in “Bring Up The Bodies” but unfortunately it’s very much a footnote by comparison with that ridiculous overarching plot where Cromwell is actually getting revenge on the anti-Wolsey masquers).

  5. Oh Cromwell is a saint according to Ms Mantel, just love how Smeaton “confesses” after being ravaged by Christmas decorations. According to Liz Howard who wrote about Brereton, she was regressed and wrote the books as a result of “reliving” her past life as a mistress to Brereton and maid of honour to Anne!

    • sonetka permalink

      Ravaged by Christmas decorations, I like it. Of course, you couldn’t expect a court musician to be familiar with such things as costumes and props, could you?

  6. Sorry… I was responding to Lindsey Nicholls above… wasn’t familiar with wordpress’ setup and missed the ‘reply’ button. 🙂 If you do read ‘Evil’s Own Trinity’, I hope you like it.

    • sonetka permalink

      Oh, I see! Sorry about that — I went back and looked through all my reviews and was very confused. It’s a good reminder for me to pick your book up, however, as I haven’t got it yet!

      • Contact me through the website and I’ll email you either a pdf or a Kindle copy… and if you review it, I won’t hate you if you don’t like it! 🙂 I may cry into my pillow; but I won’t hate you.

      • sonetka permalink

        Thank you, that’s very generous! I’ll be in touch, though it might be a little bit because I’m getting ready to travel and haven’t got much time for reading anything at the moment.

  7. Hi hi, I enjoy your blog so much I nominated it for a Liebster Award 🙂 you can check out the post here

    • sonetka permalink

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it! Can I still accept it if I don’t have eleven other new blogs to nominate, though? I’m not sure I could even come up with three that are new enough and haven’t already got one.

  8. My new novel has to do with the later sixteenth-century descendants of the Boleyn family, during the reign of Elizabeth I; one in particular, Henry Carey, and his involvement with the “Dark Lady” Emilia Lanier. Don’t know if it fits your parameters, but it’s called “Paint” and is described on my blog at 🙂

    • sonetka permalink

      It doesn’t fit unless Anne Boleyn herself turns up more than briefly, however, I’m very interested and intend to get a copy now that you’ve brought it to my attention; I’ve only seen the Emilia Lanier/Henry Carey relationship done once, and it wasn’t a full-length treatment but rather a coda to Blood Royal.

  9. writerhelenrdavis permalink

    Can you look at mine, The Most Happy?

  10. Gemma permalink

    I hope you’re well, I notice you haven’t reviewed a book for a long time and thought I would thank you for the many reading recommendations I’ve taken from this blog.

    • sonetka permalink

      Thanks for checking in! I’m fine, it’s just that the last few years have been intensely stressful in multiple ways (nothing particularly awful, just a lot added together) and while I have a lot of books still to read and a couple of essays partially written out I keep putting it off until I can “do it right” and end up not doing it at all. But thank you for the reminder that there are people who want to know! I’m going to try and make May a revival month for the blog.

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