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Gone Writing

October 30, 2013

November always seemed like a slightly strange month to pick for trying to crank out a novel — if you’re in the U.S. at least. Thanksgiving can take up such a huge amount of time that it could make thirty available days into something closer to twenty-five, not to mention the time and stress involved in planning ahead for it. But since this year is the first for a while in which we aren’t either travelling thousands of miles away or hosting someone who’s flown in from thousands of miles away, it looks like we’ll be having a comparatively low-key time of it — meaning that, among other things, I no longer have a good reason to avoid NaNoWriMo. I’m sure you’ll be able to take a good guess at the subject.

I’m planning to be back on Wednesday, December 4th. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my venture into the 1920s: Arsenic And Old Cake. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Haha! I am also going on hiatus for November while I crank out NaNoWriMo. Mine’s an A/U of Arthur Tudor (lololololol) I’ve even drawn maps! Have to take some time out to move house again! Considering baby is on its way it makes perfect sense to move out of our five bedroom house into a one bedroom flat 😛 Rock on!
    Good luck with NaNoWriMoing!! See you in December 😀

    • sonetka permalink

      I’m rather dreading the results of mine but it’s high time I stopped wallowing in analysis of other people’s efforts and took a shot at it myself. And a small apartment is perfect with one small baby — you can hear them anywhere and don’t have to go up and down stairs while sleep-deprived and carrying a wiggling infant. Good luck with your move!

    • sonetka permalink

      I should add, I’m still in favour of a Canonical List of Non-Rapists site, I just hadn’t written because I’d overcommited on the posting and needed to take a breather (if you can call this a breather). By the new year, perhaps? Oh, and congratulations on your girl!

      • Oh no problem at all! We’ll get there eventually 😀
        Thank you very much! She’s just started kicking too

  2. Happy Halloween! I’m not officially doing NaNo this year (both the day job and the already-in-progress writing prevent it) but I’m going to be pushing myself to work on the current manuscript as much as possible during November. The real trick is going to be shutting off that damned inner editor.

    Good luck with your novel!

    • sonetka permalink

      First draft, I beg you. It won’t be a novel, but I’m hoping to make it 50,000 words. And yes, shutting off the inner editor will be the real problem — a big part of doing this is that I’ll have to keep telling myself things like “It DOESN’T MATTER right now if George Boleyn was at Beaulieu that June or didn’t get there until July. You can fact-check and change it LATER!”

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