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Selling Out

June 19, 2013

I’ve been putting disclaimers at the ends of my book posts for a while now (not to mention going back and adding them to older posts) but here is The Disclaimer Post. I, along with roughly 6,000,000 other sites, am an Amazon affiliate: if you click one of my book images, it will link you to Amazon, and if you buy anything during that browsing session (it doesn’t have to be the book I linked to, it can be anything at all) I’ll receive a very small percentage of the price. It won’t cost you anything extra, and in eventually enabling me to buy an extra paperback or two, you’ll be doing me a much-appreciated favour. Don’t worry — I’m not crying poor and I have every intention of summarizing and writing about these books as long as I can find them, so don’t think this is some sort of “Buy through the links or the blog gets it!” But it was high time for an actual disclaimer post to link to, and this is it.

“But,” I hear you asking, “What about the rarest commodity of all these days — privacy? Why should I give that up just so that sometime next year you may be scrounge up enough credit to get a gratis copy of All Or Nothing?” The answer is — never fear! I won’t be able to see any of your personal information. All I’ll be able to see is what was bought; everything else will remain as shrouded in mystery as the events at Thomas Cromwell’s house on the night of April 30th. This means that you can, without fear of discovery, purchase such books as

Or if you’re feeling a little more daring, perhaps

Or perhaps this, if you’ve always wondered whether Elizabeth’s lack of interest in marriage had a root cause other than politics

And if you can’t find your DVDs of “The Tudors”, there’s always this

And finally, for something you’ll really need to hide in the underwear drawer when your friends come to visit

You can buy all of this and anything else that strikes your fancy. And I will never know it was you.

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  1. I need most of those books in my life! Fifty Shades of Katherine Howard?! Oh. Wow! Amazing! Simply amazing!

    • sonetka permalink

      It’s actually Fifty Shades Of Catherine Grey (though I can see why you thought of Katherine Howard) which is even better when you consider that her second child was conceived when both she and her husband were in jail — potential aplenty there :). There’s also a Fifty Shades Of Lady Mary Grey. No Jane Grey, though, thank goodness — that girl has been through enough fictional depravity.

  2. Bwahaha! I LOVE the cover to Innocent Tudor Rose–it’s been too, too long since I’ve seen a good (terrible) Poser cover. I may need to buy that simply for the joy of seeing something so wonderfully awful on my Nook every day.

    And don’t feel too bad about selling out. Think of it this way: now you don’t have to worry about hipsters making you their pet project. 🙂

    • sonetka permalink

      Unless hipsters suddenly start getting into sixteenth-century food, I’m probably safe from them — and that won’t happen until it’s a little easier to get hormone-free stork and gull meat (though I could see hagges of Almayn being a hit at brunches). And let us know what the book is like if you do buy it!

      • zegt:Haha….BS zijn heerlijke benen komen wel erg goed uitals ie zo woest in de wipper zit!! Dat heb je weer mooi gemaakt zeg,gave combi dat Tas-Ka stofjemet die neonroze kuh(seidsgordeliweet niet hoe k het anders moet noemen)Eigenlijk jammer dat ik m gemist heb zondagdie BS, had graag persoonlijk kennis gemaakt.

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