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An Anne Boleyn Alphabet

October 3, 2012

A is for Anne, who was cut off too soon,
B – the Boleyn clan, who shot for the moon,
C is Chapuys, whom Anne couldn’t enthrall
D the dispatches in which he told all.
E is Elizabeth, curls shining red
F is for Fisher, whose hat lacked a head.
G is for George, full of wit and enjoyment
H for Hans Holbein, who found much employment.
Illegitimate daughters were all Henry had,
J is for Jane, with her lawful-born lad.
K is for Katherine, forever, amen,
Leonardo da Vinci turns up now and then.
M is for Mary, refusing to bend
N is for Norfolk, who lived to the end.
O is the Ormonde whom Anne never wed
P is for Page, who escaped with his head.
Q for the quails which Queen Jane was allowed
R for young Richmond, so soon in his shroud.
S is the scaffold of sinister fame,
T is for Thomas, who died on the same.
U is for Udall, composer of songs
Viscountess Rochford endured many wrongs.
W is Wolsey, his Chancellorship marred
By X, the ex-wife whom he couldn’t discard.
Y is for York Place, which Henry then took.
Z is George Zouche, who got back his banned book.

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  1. Brown Line permalink

    A delightful entry! Many thanks. But … may I make a small suggestion?

    K is for Katherine, so deeply dismayed.
    L is for lute, which poor Smealton played.

    At least, I assume he played the lute. Again, thanks!

    • sonetka permalink

      Nice! I was so busy trying to squeeze Smeaton into “S” somehow that I forgot about his instruments. (But Leonardo really does turn up in several books as the Dumbledore figure to Anne or Mary Boleyn, so it wasn’t totally unjustified).

  2. Susan Higginbotham permalink

    Love it! (I missed seeing this earlier for some reason.)

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